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Does the baby not get enough breast milk? Feed the pregnant mother this dish

Breast milk is considered very important for the baby. Babies who are not breastfed are considered healthy if they are not breastfed. They are also more resistant to the disease in the future.

Therefore, the baby should be breastfed for at least two years. In Nepal, only breast milk is given until the baby is six months old.

The mother eats a variety of foods with good health, milk and healthy baby cravings. In Nepalese society, the expectant mother feeds a large quantity of infant formula to Juan Johol, Meat Jule, Gutpak, Sakkar, etc. More recently, home-made nutritional supplements are available. The market.


Although all methods are used, if the baby does not get enough milk, he should pay attention to eating and drinking. Carrots are rich in nutrients and high in fiber. Therefore, if a pregnant woman eats carrots, she will get a lot of milk for her baby.

Ginger can be prepared in the form of jam juice by placing it in a blender. Then the juice should be drunk in the morning and evening. If a pregnant mother drinks two glasses of carrot milk in the morning and at night, her breasts will be filled with milk.

Onions are another food for breast milk. Onions help increase the amount of milk in the breast of a pregnant woman. Therefore, it is better to chew raw onions with food.

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