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Fashion of Aditi Budhathoki

The pain of being jobless for a long time is borne by the artist. An artist who enjoys action and cuts in front of the daily camera can be haunted by anxiety, fear and loneliness while at home.

Actress Aditi Budhathoki, who is modeling in Mumbai, had come to Nepal to shoot a movie. However, before the announcement of the film, there was a crackdown in Nepal. After this, Aditi, who is still in Nepal, is trying to connect with her fans by posting daily pictures on social media. However, he is also in a hurry when the work has not started.


If the debut actress of ‘Kri’ had been able to start her second Nepali film, her work would have been discussed in the market by now. However, Aditi could not do this.

Aditi says that one should think positively to stay away from worries and fears while staying at home during lockdown. Aditi, who says she should always be grateful for her work, also suggests learning to enjoy fashion.
Aditi herself is doing daily yoga and reading books.

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