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Filmmakers worried about film shooting and non-release

Filmmakers worried about film shooting and non-release

No movie has been released since last February due to Corona. Not only the release, but also the filming and production of the film is zero.

The Nepali film industry had been affected by the Corona terror seen in the world since last January. This is the reason why more than 70 films were expected to come to the exhibition in 2076 BS, but only 55/56 came to the exhibition.

Renowned filmmaker Vikas Raj Acharya says that the influence of Corona is not only now, it can be felt in the film industry throughout the year. He said that even if other areas closed due to Corona were reopened, this area would not be reopened immediately. This year, almost all activities including film production and screening seem to have come to a standstill.

The release date of the film ‘Nai Na Bhannu L6’ directed by Acharya was set on April 30. But it could not be released due to Corona. Even till the fifth edition of the ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ series, the audience did not call the film directed by Acharya Nai. Holan Acharya expected the audience not to say no even in the sixth edition.

‘After that, he said, he didn’t pay attention to other films.’ There should be at least 40 to 50 people gathered to work in the film industry. He said that there was no possibility of such a gathering yet. Seeing the future in this field, he entered the film field 21 years ago as a script writer. As all work on the film has come to a standstill, his diary is now limited to reading newspapers and books.

Acharya says, ‘Gradually, the government should make arrangements to open a movie hall.’ If that happens, the atmosphere in this area will gradually improve. ‘


Another famous director Manoj Pandit says that he is moving while the film industry is closing down. After the lockdown was announced, he wrote a book about a movie. He is also continuing the work of screenwriting. Her diary is spent reading and writing. Even though one of the films directed by him was said to be released in April-May, it could not be due to Corona. Pandit says that he is not in the mood to release the promotional material of the movie immediately.

‘A movie is about politics and I don’t think viewers like to watch it now,’ he said. The kind of terror that Corona has created in people’s psychology right now may not be of interest in movies with political issues. Therefore, we have to wait for the release of this movie until there is a balance in the psychology of the viewers, ”he said.

He is planning to make a film by adopting security measures even in the midst of Corona’s havoc. Pandit of Kavre Dhulikhel read the film. He has been directing as an assistant director for more than 15 years. He has also been writing in various newspapers and online on various topics in the field of film.

The closure of the film industry for some time does not affect those who are already established in the industry. But he says there will be problems for those who have just entered the field. It seems that it will take some time for the regular activities of the film industry to return to normal. In such a situation, the actors who have been doing film work have become completely unemployed.

Problems can arise even in their daily livelihood. As about 25 percent of the actors are completely dependent on the film, they are likely to have problems. He says that others will not be affected so much.

Another director Nawaraj Budhathoki says that it is difficult to return to the film industry immediately. Budhathoki, who directs both plays and films, says it will be difficult to return to the status quo as it is an area where only a large number of people can work together. He said that it would take time for the Corona to be fully controlled and security precautions should be taken in this area. He said that people’s lives should be gradually normalized by wearing masks and using sanitizers.

‘It simply came to our notice then. What to do, how to do it. It is slowly getting used to, ”he said. He is also a journalist. Drama, film and journalism are not as popular as before, but his diary is being spent in it as he is working in the field of journalism. Budhathoki of Kavre is currently spending time at home, studying more about film and drama.

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