Fitbit Versa 3 Review: Health Ultimate

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It’s within the title—Fitbit is for utterly the health fanatics or almost about anyone determined to keep healthy. Because of this, the corporate’s lineup of health bands and smartwatches are liked international. So remarkable in order that Google’s dad or mum corporate Alphabet Inc. introduced its blueprint to gather Fitbit. The purchase, valued at a whopping $2.1 billion dollars, has been met with a well known hurdle and because of this, the deal isn’t internet think in stone however. Nevertheless amidst your overall acquisitional chaos, Fitbit has been lively in launching a brand spanking new lineup of smartwatches. Fitbit’s plunge 2020 lineup moreover consisted of the Versa 3 that I in truth personal with me. The Versa 3 is a gorgeous immense improve from its predecessor, nevertheless it does personal a few troubles of its personal. So let’s discover extra concerning the Fitbit Versa 3 in this assessment.
Fitbit Versa 3 Specs:
Body: 1.59L x 1.59W x 0.49H-inches, 39.70 grams
Band: (Tiny: 5.5 – 7.1″ wrist | Plump: 7.1 – 8.7″ wrist)
Display hide: 1.58 AMOLED, Regularly-on Display hide (AoD)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz), Bluetooth 5.0, GPS+GLONASS
Audio: Microphone, Speaker
Battery Backup: As much as 6 days
Compatibility: iOS 12.2 or 12.2+ | Android 7.0 or 7.0+
Companion App: Fitbit (Android | iOS)
Water Resistant: 5ATM (as much as 50m)
Sensors: Crimson & infrared sensors for SpO2, 3-axis accelerometer, Altimeter, NFC, Optical coronary heart fee, Instrument temperature, Ambient comfortable
Purposes: 24/7 coronary heart fee tracking, sleep phases & sleep get, Energetic Zone Mins, all-day procedure tracking, 20 function-based talk modes, exercise depth blueprint, sleep mode, guided respiring lessons, menstrual well being tracking, and so forth.
Colors:  Murky / Murky Aluminum, Red Clay / Delicate Gold Aluminum, Heart of the night / Delicate Gold Aluminum
Mark in Nepal: Rs. 39,999
Come to a decision right here (Daraz)
Fitbit Versa 3 Review:
Set aside & Assemble
Elementary squircle body with aluminum case
Happy, flexible strap | 5ATM certification

To all folks’s satisfaction, the corporate hasn’t made a drastic exchange within the make department in this rendition of a Versa smartwatch. Take pleasure in the ones quicker than it, the Versa 3 is available in a squircle download sigh with an aluminum ogle case and a versatile band. Whilst the case is provided in each Delicate Gold or Murky Aluminum reach, there’s a host of fashion-obedient alternatives by way of scheme of the band.
The default ones include gloomy, red, and gradual night blue, while you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely moreover make a decision for dressmaker bands to inspect your style. Useless to relate, the latter alternatives reach with an extra label. Likewise, the Versa 3 moreover ships with an extra sizable wristband for max toughen. The pre-installed one fit me completely, so I didn’t trouble with the sizable band. Nevertheless, in contrast to me, in case you need to all the time change ‘em up, it’s extraordinarily simple to gather so.

Magnificent gently push the little change at the bottom of the ogle and pull the band. It’s that simple. The similar is going for the assorted pause of the wristband. Anyway, those “Infinity Bands” (as Fitbit calls them) are very jubilant within the hand. Its comfortable nature paired with the gentle-weight glorious of the ogle itself meant I had totally 0 considerations striking it on for a protracted period. Neither did I clutch pores and pores and skin inflammation or allergies of any type.

Happy fit
No matter the stellar surely really feel and fit, ensure to now not put on it each waking second of your existence. As Z places it, “you gotta decide ‘em off each from time to time—you gotta decide ’em off, son”. That is to totally stay some distance from the aforementioned pores and pores and skin considerations, which Fitbit itself suggests. That during itself is beautiful obscure recommendation however in spite of this, for the period of my usage, I by no means save them off—aside from when charging. Serious about, Versa 3 is moreover 5ATM water resistant. With this, you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely moreover decide the smartwatch to the pool and notice your swimming stats. Talking about durability, my unit of the ogle is in pretty tip-top form however I wouldn’t be deal shocked to discover that it could forestall somewhat with out wretchedness upon a well known have an effect on/plunge.
Right here, the stunning body of Versa 3 sides a microphone and a speaker. Similarly, at the left is a tiring, tiring inductive button with haptic ideas for navigation. Extra on that during exactly a minute. All in all, the Fitbit Versa 3 is a gorgeous unprecedented-constructed smartwatch with a clever mechanism to change the wristband.
Display hide
1.58″ AMOLED panel, AoD
10,000+ ogle faces
At the designate aspect of items, the hide hide actual-property in this twelve months’s Versa has been enlarged by way of lots. Whilst the Versa 2 were given right here with a 1.4-hunch AMOLED panel, its successor now has a larger 1.58-hunch hide hide. As a result, the pixel rely has larger too. With a 336×336 choice, texts, icons, and animations see crisp in this hide hide. As anticipated from an AMOLED designate, you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely moreover trip Regularly-on Display hide right here.

Nevertheless because the local weather calls for sleeved attire, I grew to become it off altogether. Plus, the following extension to battery staying power is moreover something I’d somewhat personal. Additionally, Versa 3 can download pretty highbrow additionally—due to this fact, I didn’t face a challenge taking a non-public a learn about it even beneath ship daylight. You would decide from 3 phases of illumination: shadowy, not unusual, and max.
Additionally, the hide hide has a gradual curve for enhanced navigation and swipes. Regardless, I might’ve most popular if Fitbit had long gone for thinner bezels. Now not best wouldn’t it red meat up the visual aesthetics, that may in all probability nicely in all probability moreover finish lead to a lighter body. Nevertheless to be determined, I don’t imply to relate the Versa 3 is depressing to put on in its provide expose—totally now not.
10Okay+ ogle faces
Additionally, the rise to obtain up the hide hide function works completely good-looking. You would moreover make a decision to totally turn at the designate by way of strategy of the button, however I strayed some distance from it utterly. By way of ogle-faces, the Fitbit app boasts over 10,000 of them together with paid and unfastened ones. Unfortunately, you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely best store a most of five ogle faces on your gallery at a time. Switching between them is fairly simple.

Magnificent use the associate smartphone app, or during the “Clocks” app at the ogle. This feels appreciate this kind of proscribing trip for what is differently a peak fee smartwatch. Nevertheless it utterly doesn’t pause there. Whilst Versa 3 helps blood oxygen tracking, it limits you to look your SpO2 information on a unmarried ogle face known as “SpO2 Signature”.

You would see the nightly SpO2, resting coronary heart fee (RHR) information beneath the “Well being Metrics” faucet for the period of the Fitbit app. There are pretty unprecedented-designed ogle faces for the period of the Fitbit app, to be truthful. But, because of this situation, I needed to frequently clutch a alternate-off between my desired ogle face, and person that’s able to showcasing my SpO2 stats.
Potency, Fitbit OS
Unnamed processor, Fitbit OS
Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa toughen
Coming into into efficiency, let’s begin with setup, we might in all probability in all probability nicely in all probability? Versa 3 first calls for you to obtain the Fitbit app. Then you definitely personal to designate-up or log-in to an provide Fitbit fable. After this, select Versa 3 from the checklist of available alternatives and as soon as the ogle connects along with your cellular phone, it shows a 4-digit code that you need to all the time type into the app. With profitable pairing carried out, the recreational of the setup comes to obtain and putting in updates (if any) and setting up the WiFi at the Versa 3. This whole procedure is very somewhat uninteresting and in my case, it took me about quarter-hour to overall.

Powering this smartwatch is an unnamed processor. Similarly, it runs at the proprietary Fitbit OS. On the time of writing this assessment, my unit of the Fitbit Versa 3 runs on firmware model For what it’s fee, this can be a somewhat well-designed OS. That is my first Fitbit gadget due to this fact I didn’t exactly personal a point of reference about what to look ahead to. Whilst I was anticipating issues to be fluent and comfortable all-around, the Versa 3 let me down marginally.
Faltering UI/UX
Let’s begin with the UI. The living hide hide is composed of the selected ogle face, whilst the lend a hand an eye fixed on panel is living at the left. It’s now not customizable and also you’re caught with what Fitbit’s providing. Right here, you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely toggle assemble-no longer-disturb mode, AoD, brightness controls, and extra. Likewise, the widgets shall be accessed by way of swiping up from the bottom. Now not identical to the lend a hand an eye fixed on middle, you construct personal the possibility to select which ones to cover (their choice is beautiful miniature even though). At the various hand, your overall put in apps are designated to the stunning location, and you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely swipe thru them.
The transition between the menus in all fairness stuttery. I’m now not determined if here’s something that shall be fixed with a firmware exchange, so I blame the incompetent processor or the below-optimized device for this lackluster UI/UX trip. In spite of everything, your overall notifications are arranged at the pause. Pairing it with an Android smartphone, one can moreover rapidly send a reply to texts. Whilst it doesn’t mean you can type up your reaction, the choices include instruct-to-text, emoji, and rapidly replies. Interestingly, Versa 3 moreover latches an “Undo” probability in your replies.

One would in all probability in all probability nicely in all probability argue that here’s reimbursement for the inherently uninteresting processing energy of the smartwatch, however I for one welcome it with begin palms. To be determined, here’s now not something appreciate the “Unsend” function on Facebook Messenger. Fairly, the “undo” refers to skip the supply of the message altogether. Using the Fitbit app is helping you to select which apps carry notifications at the ogle, or even internet think personalised rapidly replies.
Hanging off “instruct” from Factor Assistant
Serious about, Fitbit Versa 3 is moreover fortified with instruct assistant—two of them. You would select to obtain your questions spoke again to by way of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. I went with the common, and I want to ship, the instruct popularity in this factor works pretty darn good-looking. Nevertheless, you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely’t cause it willy-nilly using your instruct, no sir. I was somewhat jumpy to discover the lack of “K Google” or “Hello there Google” integration. So, you personal to begin the Assistant app on your queries.
Nevertheless lend a hand your horses. An extraordinary greater wonder lies within the confirmed reality that the virtual assistant doesn’t toughen audio reaction. No matter that includes an incredible speaker, I truthful don’t save this limitation. As well as, the app choice in Fitbit OS isn’t the widest each. For me, the absence of Google Maps was without equal bummer and I made construct with Maps by way of right here. It moreover helps streaming merchandise and corporations appreciate Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer.

Weirdly abundant, it could’t combine your Spotify fable for those who’re a unfastened subscriber. Or even for those who moreover would in all probability in all probability can truthful personal were given a peak fee Spotify fable, there is not any longer this kind of factor as a offline streaming toughen. Versa 3’s product internet web page does hide you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely locally store your song & podcasts from Deezer and Pandora onto the smartwatch however since I don’t personal a subscription to each platform, I couldn’t try it out.
First rate name glorious
Take pleasure in I mentioned previous, the Fitbit Versa 3 moreover equips a microphone and a speaker, due to this fact making instruct calls without doubt. While you would in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely’t clutch cellular phone calls with out lengthen from the ogle, you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely select to relate no or acquire them. The decision glorious itself is alright for those who’re in a somewhat quiet setting.
But, I might strictly recount towards cellular phone calls in a somewhat rowdy environment because you’ll personal a exhausting time protecting up with the dialog. Additionally, there is not any longer this kind of factor as a VoIP name toughen of any type. On every occasion you fail to seize up the verdict, you’ll obtain a notification however that’s about it. Additionally, Versa 3 sides NFC connectivity using which you’d in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely clutch contactless budget and such.
A button implementation so dense that comfortable bends round it

K, now let’s speak about the inductive button at the aspect. Fitbit has borrowed this haptic-enabled button from the Charge 3 health band. I am able to’t strain abundant how being worried this button is. It calls for you to press at the indent with a well known amount of power differently it truthful doesn’t paintings. Additionally, as it’s situated at the left body, having access to it whilst having the ogle to your left hand turns into an unnecessary trouble.
Sacrificing convenience to aesthetics is constantly a well known no in my books. And it doesn’t double as a lend a hand button each. For that, you’re gonna personal to swipe to the stunning. It could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely in all probability even be common to wake the hide hide or plug to the living hide hide. Plus, you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely moreover save shortcuts upon a longer or double press.
Well being, Health, Sleep Tracking
20 function-based exercises, periodic reminders
Computerized Educate Reputation (customizable)
Integrated GPS, Nightly SpO2 tracking
Certain sides limited within the lend a hand of a paywall
Attending to the health tracking homes of the Versa 3, suffice to relate, it does greater than an incredible activity. Fitted with a host of numerous sensors, it could notice a well known collection of well being, health, and sports activities actions attributes. To begin issues off, there are altogether 20 function-based exercises together with golfing, hike, pilates, walk, yoga, and so forth.

It routinely tracks your on every day basis steps, coronary heart fee, and a few numerous actions. Additionally, the menstrual well being tracking capability lets you notice ovulation, see patterns, log periods, and extra in this smartwatch.
Right here, Fitbit Versa 3 comes with PurePulse 2.0 era complementing the optical coronary heart fee sensor. What’s extra, as a result of SmartTrack, it could moreover routinely sage and notice numerous exercises appreciate walking, running, swimming, external motorcycle, and so forth.

By means of default, this tracks your procedure after you’ve been lively for quarter-hour or extra. Nevertheless, using the Fitbit app, you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely internet think a personalised fee, or disable automated tracking of an immediate talk altogether.
Energetic Zone Mins (AZM)
There’s moreover something known as “Energetic Zone Mins”. Introduced in Fitbit Charge 4, it’s geared towards protecting your coronary heart more fit. Depending on what heart-pumping talk you resolve excitement in, you’re awarded various sides. For example, for easy, boring-paced walks the place your heart-price remains inside 120-144 BPM (fats burn zone), you’re making 1 zone minute. At the various hand, beneath exercises the place your coronary heart fee climbs 145-176, you input the aerobic zone whilst 177 or larger BPM falls beneath the height zone. Underneath either one of the ones, you’re making 2 zone mins.

Energetic Zone Mins (AZM)

International Well being Group (WHO) recommends you partake in 150 mins of reasonable, or 75 mins of full of existence procedure. And I want to ship, out of the entire items else, Versa 3’s AZM surely motivated me to obtain on every day basis exercises in recount to avoid wasting my weekly operate of 150 lively zone mins. And being able to notice your overall information within the Fitbit app meant I was frequently recommended about my exercises to a degree I wasn’t quicker than.

Hourly Educate (w/ Signs)

As it should be-designed associate app
The entire lot is so nicely arranged and easy to own within the app—kudos to the close to crew for this feat. To further inspire to obtain you moving, it moreover hourly alerts you to select a walk. I’m moreover somewhat considering the temporary stress-relieving lessons.

Underneath the “Mindfulness” menu, there are a couple of meditational, enjoyable lessons—some unfastened, some paid. Each and every consultation tracks your coronary heart fee and at the tip, you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely hint your enlargement for a miles larger review. On peak of that, Versa 3’s guided respiring lessons permit you to keep zen too. There are moreover a few handbook tracking alternatives appreciate water and foods consumption.
Integrated GPS
One among without equal upgrades by contrast to its outdated iteration is the constructed-in GPS. Delicate, the internet think tracking was somewhat of a let-down for me.

At any time after I began any talk, the GPS lock isn’t immediate. And at cases, it disconnects mid talk or fails to obtain the sign utterly. As a finish end result, a few my exercises personal been locked incorrectly.
Go through in ideas how I complained about SpO2 stats being unfamiliar to one ogle face, nicely there’s so scheme extra to relate about Fitbit Versa 3’s blood oxygen tracking. First, putting in the ogle face itself was a tricky high-tail. It appears, it’s now not to be had in each save aside—with Nepal being one in all them.

So, I attempted using a VPN and attached to a UK server. With this, I was able to obtain the stated ogle face. Hurray, I assumed to myself! Nevertheless what I hadn’t discovered by way of this time was that by way of doing this, Fitbit had now blocked my place of dwelling IP cope with.
I hurriedly Googled for a restore and clicked at the important link that popped up—best to stand Error 1006: Get right of entry to denied. Foolish me, I attempted to get admission to the Fitbit community internet internet think from an IP cope with that I truthful got blocked from. Right here on after, I needed to turn at the VPN each time I in truth personal to sync the Versa 3 with my smartphone. Feels appreciate I dedicated some type of cyber-crime, lol. Fortuitously, at the fourth day, issues went lend a hand to not unusual.
Sleep Tracking
Additionally this, Versa 3 can best sage SpO2 phases at night for those who’re napping. So, in contrast to ship the Galaxy Watch3 which is in a position to measure your SpO2 degree anytime you’d need, that’s now not without doubt right here. Nevertheless, I clutch this restriction shines when it comes to sleep tracking. In keeping with your blood oxygen saturation for the period of the night, it could provide you with a warning of without doubt respiring considerations too.

Talking about core sleep tracking itself, I discovered that the ogle exactly logged my time to mattress and the time I got up. Take pleasure in maximum numerous peak fee smartwatches, Fitbit Versa 3 moreover ratings your sleep from 0-100.
Paywall restriction
Some shoppers (particularly ones who are already knee-deep into the Fitbit ecosystem) too can truthful disagree with me right here however I discover the paywall restriction extraordinarily aggravating. Buying a peak fee fragment of {hardware} best to discover its possibilities miniature by way of a subscription provider makes me surely really feel appreciate I don’t personal the ogle—and slightly I’m truthful renting it. You construct download 90-days of unfastened trial however then, it costs $9.99 each month (or $79.99 each twelve months) for Fitbit Best fee.

Granted you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely’t save a label to your well being and there are some impressive advantages from this provider, I surely really feel appreciate the asking label is far too remarkable and I for one am now not keen to pay that remarkable. I was so desirous to be informed about Versa 3’s pores and pores and skin temperature variation studying, best to discover it’s within the lend a hand of the paywall. Nightly information is unfastened for all, however for actual-time pores and skin-temperature studying appreciate at the very best fee Fitbit Sense, you’re gonna personal to subscribe to the very best fee provider. Different restrictions to non… paying (?) shoppers include a 30-day SpO2 style, various guided meditations, and so forth.
Battery Lifestyles
Exact battery measurement unspecified
As much as 6 days of staying power (claimed)
In spite of everything, let’s download into the battery existence. Fitbit doesn’t specify the true battery capability however says you’re pretty for as much as 6 days beneath not unusual usage. And that stunning remarkable corroborated with my usage. With brightness internet think to not unusual, AoD grew to become off, and sometimes turning at the GPS (about 3 cases), I nearly controlled to salvage out 6 days of staying power. This usage moreover is composed of 24-hour coronary heart fee tracking and nightly SpO2 tracking. As you’d think about, the quantity drastically falls when frequently turning on house tracking.

For a fat-fledged smartwatch, you in truth can’t complain about Fitbit Versa 3’s battery existence. By way of juicing up the battery, it moreover helps fast charging. In line with the corporate, you could in all probability in all probability in all probability in all probability nicely download an afternoon’s energy with truthful 12 mins of label. I didn’t specifically test this out since I was extra interested in its efficiency beneath 100% battery. In some unspecified time at some point of my charging cycles, I recorded that it takes someplace between 1 hour 7 mins – 1 hour quarter-hour to obtain the battery from nil to fats.
Time to wrap all of it up. Fitbit Versa 3 fits the tagline of health splendid. From its pretty collection of well being, health, and sports activities actions tracking to numerous attractive smartwatch-first sides, it delivers a gorgeous convincing wearable trip—however now not with out a few considerations of its personal even though. The UI/UX itself is very uninteresting and the app library in Fitbit OS is beautiful miniature additionally. I was specifically dissatisfied with its GPS tracking and the feared paywall restriction. As hostile to those, the Versa 3 is a cast smartwatch that provides a stellar battery existence too.
Fitbit Versa 3 Review: Pros & Cons
Plump make, delighted straps
Glossy, highbrow AMOLED hide hide with AoD
Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa toughen
First rate microphone glorious for cellular phone calls
Terrific well being, health tracking sides
Very good battery existence for a smartwatch
Some function best for peak fee shoppers
Potency, UI is somewhat stuttery
App choice, Fitbit OS is proscribing
No audio reaction from instruct assistant(s)
The inductive button is downright tiring

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