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Manipulation of the fast track

According to the DPR of the Kathmandu-Nijgadh Expressway, the Nepal Army has changed the line at two places including Khokna area and Mahadevtar-Lendanda. The outline of the expressway has been changed to protect the Sikali temple of Khokna as well as the Kodesh area which has religious and cultural significance. Earlier, the people of Khokna had protested saying that the historical area should be protected.

  1. The starting point of the 5 km long road will be Khokana and the last point will be Nijgadh. The width of the road will be 25 meters in hilly areas and 27 meters in flat areas. Earlier, the proposal was 76.2 km.
    Similarly, the cost will increase to Rs 175 crore. The cost is estimated, including value added tax, according to the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) feasibility study and preliminary design.


The Army has changed the line from Mahadevtar to Lendanda in the alternative of the tunnel proposed by ADV and with the addition of new tunnels.

The Nepal Army has also estimated that 151,000 trees will be cut down during the construction of the expressway. The army also said that 8 percent of the work on the expressway has been completed.

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