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Plans for women to reach the surface of the moon for the first time public

For the first time in four years, women are expected to reach the surface of the moon.

The US space agency NASA has unveiled a formal plan to go to the moon in 2024. According to the BBC, a plan has been drawn up to include women passengers in the २८ 28 billion project.


NASA is planning to send a man and a woman to the moon after five decades in a space program called Artemis. The last human footprint on the lunar surface was in 1972. The astronauts will reach the moon in a passenger spacecraft named Apollo, named Orion, according to the BBC.

The US House of Representatives has already approved a bill allocating डलर 600 million for a spacecraft to land on the moon. The selection of astronauts to the moon will take place at least two years before the launch. That mission is preparing to bring lunar soil to Earth’s laboratory

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