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Samsung earned NPR Rs 1.5 trillion from South Korean electronics company in just three months

Samsung earns NPR Rs 1.5 trillion in just three months South Korean electronics company Samsung has managed to earn NPR Rs 1.25 trillion in the last quarter.

Samsung has managed to earn higher revenue, beating analysts’ estimates. With the US ban on Huawei, sales of Samsung’s mobiles and chips increased significantly, with Samsung earning सञ्चालन 10.6 billion in operating income in the July-September quarter.

Analysts had estimated Samsung’s revenue at 10 trillion won in the quarter, but it managed to generate. 12.3 trillion. Samsung sold a total of ट 66 trillion worth of goods and services during the period. Towards the end of October, Samsung will release its quarterly net profit and its sectoral profits for each sector.

Samsung’s share price rose 1.3 percent on Thursday after reports of an increase in earnings surfaced.

Recall: In the second quarter from April to June, Chinese company Huawei overtook Samsung to become the world’s largest smartphone maker. But along with the US ban, Huawei’s products have also been banned from Google’s Android feature, which has boosted sales of Samsung’s smartphones. Samsung is expected to make a comeback in the near future as the world’s largest smartphone maker.


In India, the world’s second largest smartphone market, Samsung has been increasing its influence in recent times. The geopolitical conflict has negatively affected the sales of Chinese smartphones in India and Samsung has benefited from the Indian market.

Similarly, Samsung has been increasing its hold on memory card sales. Statistics show that Samsung is taking its place as Huawei’s market is weakening after the US sanctions.

According to analysts, the postponement of the new iPhone with Samsung’s Five G technology to October and the impact of the US ban on Huawei’s smartphones helped Samsung’s smartphones dominate the market in the second quarter.

Samsung’s profit margins also rose this quarter due to lower marketing and advertising spending during the epidemic. The timely launch of the Five G phone and the introduction of foldable phones in the market has had a positive impact on Samsung.

Sales of Samsung’s smartphones rose 49 percent in the third quarter compared to the same period last year. In other words, in these three months, Samsung has sold 86 million smartphones worldwide.

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