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What is the Life? happiness and sorrow

The definition of life has been interpreted by many scholars and individuals in different ways. But my personal opinion is a little different. In my opinion, life is you – according to our current (immediate) thinking (thinking) to do any activity is life.

What happened yesterday What happens tomorrow That thinking is not life. But life is what we are thinking and doing in which place, in which situation today. In the present situation, if we think positively and positively and experience happiness, joy and happiness accordingly, no matter how many bad things or events happen around us. Because the truth is what our mind thinks and what our body does immediately. Yes, life is what we do in the present situation. Just like you-we have experienced a lot directly that some of us go to the mourning of our dead people. (Those dead people are our close relatives, neighbors or friends) And see what we do then? How many cry, how many are sitting with sad faces, how many bodies are in a hurry to return home, how many are sitting at a distance and laughing, how many are just angry for some special reason, how many are leaving the corpses to satisfy their hunger.

Isn’t death the greatest sorrow and event in human life? But why don’t all human beings cry? Why aren’t everyone sad? Why do they try to return by burning the corpse in a hurry because it is the result of our immediate thinking at that time? So there is neither sorrow nor happiness in life. All you have to do is act according to our current thinking.

Yes, some people say that life is the experience (actions) from birth to death. But I say that is just an explanation to satisfy our minds. Because no one has seen the future, it is just a guess that we have made in the past by looking at other people.

Some people think that life is happiness and life is misery. What is happiness? What is happiness? What is sorrow? What is sorrow?


‘Happiness is a person with wealth, possessions, money, power, family or facilities. If so, why did Gautama Buddha abandon all these things and go to the forest in search of peace? ”

‘If misery is deprivation, poverty, loneliness and a crippled body, how did Stephen Hawkins become a famous scientist?’

In my opinion, grief is the only thing you can do – the physical pain we get from illness or injury. Otherwise, all that we have said about grief is only our thinking. So when you want to be happy and happy, take good care of your health and no matter where you are, environment or situation, it is very important to think only positive and good things. That is, your immediate positive thinking is your happy life. Is your happiness The joy you seek is and is the path shown by the Buddha.

Because any event has a cause.

Whether the cause is good or bad, if we think positively about the cause, anyone can overcome the reaction. Can be free

Change your thinking and always be happy and joyful. The rest is up to you.
Because whether the country is prosperous or the common people. If the people and the leaders do not put into practice the four Aryan truths shown by Gautama Buddha, neither we (the people) nor the country will be prosperous. Do you know why Japan is so prosperous today?

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