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Which made the 53-year-old song of national poet Ghimire a hit again

Narayan Rayamajhi had recorded a song composed by poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire in his music 17 years ago.

The composition is –

Her love comes first or my love comes first
I don’t know at once, what ever

The song composed by Ghimire in 2024 BS was sung by Jagdish Samal and Sapnashri in 2060 BS. Poet Ghimire also liked folk-modern music.
But Rayamajhi recorded only two of the three intervals of the song. That is why the poet Ghimire used to say to Rayamajhi from time to time that he should record another difference by mixing meso.

Rayamajhi was waiting for the right time to fulfill Ghimire’s desire to respect and love himself. At that time, the poet Ghimire passed away on September 2.

Then, Rayamajhi’s wish to add an interlude to the song and recite it to Ghimire remained unfulfilled.

Although he could not be heard directly, he paid homage to Ghimire and completed the work after his death.
The last interval added is as follows:

Asti met him in Benighat
Today, I feel like we were together forever
His offering is before my offering
I don’t know what happened at once

Rayamajhi takes the re-recorded song as his memory and respect for the poet Ghimire.

Rayamajhi has recorded songs in the old rhythm with the voices of new generation singers Praveen Bhedwal and Rachna Rimal. Praveen and Rachna, who participated in Nepal Idol Season 3, are now famous singers.

Praveen was second in Nepal Idol and Rachna was out of the top eight.

Rayamajhi says, ‘I wanted to record this song again in the voice of Jagdish and Sapna. But since they are out of Nepal, I chose a new generation of singers. ‘

Rayamajhi says of the two new generations of singers who have chosen the song in search of a suitable voice, ‘I have worked with them because both Praveen and Rachna are talented.’

Rayamajhi’s choice has now been proven right. The new song has reached over 3.6 million views on YouTube in a short time. Thousands of listeners and viewers responded positively to the number of tickers in the song is also abundant. This tick has become one of the most viral songs.

Rayamajhi says about the song that was liked by the audience of two different times, I’m glad everyone liked it. ‘

Amidst this happiness, he has the same regret – how much he would have gone if he had been able to tell the added distance to the national poet!


Rayamajhi remembers the poet Ghimire as a man of great reverence. He says that he is connected with Ghimire by being influenced by his creations.

The process of composing the song ‘Unko Preeti’ was not easy for her.

‘His acquaintance was old. I was not allowed to try to compose music at once, ‘he recalls,’ but when I sang it in my own voice, he liked it. It was a special moment with his permission and blessing. ‘

Poet Ghimire likes the melody filled with folklore and says, ‘You have filled the music based on the folklore of my Gandak region.’ I like it. ‘

After that, the relationship between Rayamajhi and Ghimire soured. Rayamajhi had the opportunity to compose music in additional compositions.

He says, ‘This is the song I have recorded so far in his composition. But I have filled the music with ten to twelve songs of his words, which are yet to be recorded. ‘

Rayamajhi, who likes Ghimire’s popular lyric drama ‘Malati Mangale’, has even requested to write a similar lyric drama for himself. Instead, Ghimire has given permission to compose music for his song ‘Himalwari Himalpari’.

According to Rayamajhi, even though he started the work of ‘Himalwari Himalpari’, it is still incomplete. He plans to make the songs public gradually.

Rayamajhi came to Kathmandu in 2042 BS to give a voice test on Radio Nepal. So far, more than 400 folk-modern songs have been sung and dozens of folk songs have been sung.

Rima, who runs an entertainment studio, has opened a YouTube channel under the same name. The song ‘Unko Preeti’ recorded in his own studio at Baber Mahal has been uploaded on the same channel.

Apart from this, Rayamajhi is also a film director, producer and writer. He has directed and produced films like ‘Pardeshi’ and ‘Gorkha Paltan’.

He says that access to technology and ease has made it easier not only to record songs but also to reach the listeners.

He has experience in Radio Nepal, Nepal Television, FM, Cassette, CD, DVD, Facebook, YouTube and Tiktok. Now, overnight, millions of listeners respond immediately. ‘

He got more and faster response than expected from ‘Her Love’, he adds, ‘Current songs are coming and going. We artists have the challenge of creating good songs and music with many facilities. ‘

He feels that the new ‘Her Love’ is better than 17 years ago with technology and quality.

Today’s technology does not lose the songs of the past with the new generation. Using this quality, ‘Unko Preeti’ is an attempt to reach a new listener by re-recording to save your forgotten songs. When Rayamajhi arrives, he plans to revive his other old creations by recording them in the same way.

Many of his songs are in the minds of old listeners but he does not have videos. When I met many friends and listeners, they always said, ‘I searched for your song on YouTube, but I couldn’t find it.’ He himself wanted the songs to be accessible to the listeners later.

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